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9/7/2017  Kenny Weiss (Studio)
7/12/2017  Brooke (Studio)
6/19/2017  Yellowstone (Grand Teton)
6/4/2017  Jane Kwa and family (Casa Blanca)
5/25/2017  Paula Rogers family (Anthem)
5/5/2017  Chris West (Azy studio)
4/30/2017  Roshanak Fatourechi (Scottsdale Shadows)
4/8/2017  ProMusica Henry Hicklebee (Anthem Arizona)
4/7/2017  Found Raising (American Legion)
3/19/2017  Katie event (Kiwanis Park)
2/26/2017  ProMusica Moonlight Journey (Sun City Grand)
2/12/2017  Angela Kane
2/12/2017  Vanessa Gaines (The Scottsdale Civic Center)
1/7/2017  Ali & Anushka (The Scottsdale Civic Center)
12/12/2016  Renee Brown (Scottsdale Civic Center)
12/10/2016  Brown family (Rawhide)
11/6/2016  ProMusica Master at the movie (Lutheran Church Sun City)